Rail Sleeper Screw

Rail sleeper screw spikes are used to fasten sole plates and ribbed base plates to wooden sleepers.

Rail Spike

A rail spike is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to the sleepers in track.

Railway Bolt

SUYU specializes in producing rail fastening products and railway bolt is one of our main products. Shown below are some of our main railway bolt products.

Rail Clip

Our products can also be customized according to clients' requirement at a client desired price.

Elastic Rail Clip

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying elastic rail clip products which are exclusively used in railways.

Rail Cast Iron Shoulder

The iron shoulder is cast in the concrete ties for fixation of elastic rail clips. Our rail cast iron shoulders include M.C.I. shoulder manufactured from pearlitic malleable iron and S.G.C.I.

Rail Anchor

SUYU manufactures different types of rail anchor products. The anchors are used where the fastenings system requires an extra creep resisting arrangement.

Rail Tie Plate

A tie plate is also called a baseplate or sole plate. SUYU specializes in producing rail fastening and tie plate is one of our main products.

Rail Clip

Rail clips undertake rail movements synchronously thanks to the synthetic elastomer vulcanized to clip permanently in the portion to be contacted with rail.

Railway Washer

SUYU railway washer is available in single or double types and various sizes. Below are technical specifications of our main railway washers

Rail Nylon Insulator

We produce E type rail insulator and guide plate for SKL rail fastening and Nabla fastening system. The material we use for rail insulator is PA66, with the color white, dark brown and black.

Rail Pad

The rail pad, originally called sole plate, is used when rail is attached to concrete, rather than timber, ties or sleepers.

Rail Plastic Sleeve

Rail plastic sleeve is pressed in concrete sleeper and assembled with sleeper screws, guide plates and rail clip to fix the rail.

Sleeper screws

SUYU is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of rail sleeper screw.

railway screw spike

Designed with high precision and processed under advanced technologies, these rail railway screw spike are manufactured using high grade raw materials.

Railway lag screw

. With reliability, robustness and effective performance, these products can be used in railway engineering.

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